Tob vs Kov 2 GamePlay:

Tob vs Kov 2 is a fun 2D sci-fi-themed platformer about a journey of a robot and here at friv best Games, you play as that robot. Your name is Tob. Collecting as many red balls as possible while avoiding all enemies and obstacles is your main objective here. It seems so easy and simple but it’s not. You have 5 lives on each level but it seems not to matter.

Once you touch an enemy or a trap, you may lose 1 or all 5 lives and have to restart that level. You don’t have to collect every single red ball to clear your mission on a level. You just need to reach the exit. The only thing you can do to keep yourself safe from enemies and traps is to avoid them. You jump over the obstacles and enemies. You have to time your jump. With a tiny mistake, you can crash into danger and death.

Here at https://friv.land/, enemies won’t attack you from afar but it seems that they have poison, so when you touch them, you’re dead. There are 8 stages in total and like many level-based games out there, you will find the later levels much more challenging than the previous one because the difficulty increases as you advance. But if you have tried this kind of platformer game, you will clear this one at ease.

Complete 8 levels and check out other great games on our site such as Scary Huggy Playtime and Popo Singer. Don’t forget that new additions are coming. Every day there are surprises for you to discover. So, don't miss the chance. Have a great time here.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys.

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