Snail Bob 7 GamePlay:

Snail Bob is back in the seventh installment of the popular Snail Bob series. Welcome you to Snail Bob 7 at Friv 2020. Do you know that Snail Bob loves to read fairy tales and he has a lot of dreams about meeting dragons, monsters, knights, and more? His dream has come true and you will enter his dream to join him in a new adventure. Let’s start and you will be very surprised by what happens in his dreams. Like other installments of the series, this game is an adventure and puzzle game. Your ultimate objective is to guide him to go through 90 levels.

At each level, reach the exit is what you have to do. However, it’s not easy because so many obstacles, enemies, and traps appear along the way. They are there to stop Snail Bob. On https://friv.land/, you have to observe the environment to find the best way to help Snail Bob. Because this is a point and click game, you observe to find the buttons, hidden objects to activate something like doors, disable traps, and more.

All to help Snail Bob safely go through those dangers. Sometimes, Snail Bob can turn into the form of some animals and creatures. This isn’t a bad thing. It helps Snail Bob pass a certain obstacle. Guild the cute snail to his destination. Be careful because Snail Bob will face more challenges but many interesting mysteries will be revealed. Just look forward to them and you will get excited. 90 levels are 90 challenges. Unlock them all and have fun during your journey.

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Click on Snail Bob to play.

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