Tom Angela Kissing GamePlay:

Tom and Angela are a couple and no one knows that because they still keep it in secret. It’s too soon to announce this relationship and they feel the love in secret and stealthy dating will bring more wonderful experience. One day, Tom comes to Angela’s house. They are talking to each other but there is a parrot listening to music nearby. Therefore, they cannot have intimate gestures.

In a fun game called Tom Angela Kissing at friv for kids Games, your mission is to help Tom and Angela kiss each other without being detected by the parrot standing nearby. You just need to tap or click on the screen to make Tom and Angela have a kiss and release to stop kissing. Have as many kisses as possible before time runs out is your main goal. While the parrot is immersed in music and does not pay attention to everything around, you need to act immediately.

However, kissing for a long time will make him appreciate. At this point, you need to stop the action. The sign to recognize the parrot knew something was the yellow exclamation symbol appeared. On http://friv.land, when it appears on the screen, you know that it’s time to stop kissing. If you get caught, the game ends. So, be careful and try your best to help Tom and Angela have a secret relationship. This game is simple but challenging, isn’t it? Hope that you can help them keep secret for a long time. Enjoy other interesting games such as Treasure Island and Draw In.

How to play: Tap or click to help Tom and Angela.

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