Stack Colors GamePlay:

A simple casual game with simple gameplay can keep you hooked for hours and Stack Colors is such a game. As its name, your ultimate objective here is to stack blocks that have the same color as you and run toward the finish line, then you kick the stack of blocks to make those blocks fly to the highest level of rewards. By the way, the highest level is 10. On the runway, you will go through some gates and each gate has a different color. Each time you go through a gate, you will change into the gate’s color, and at that moment, you can only stack up the blocks that have the same color as you.

If you pick up the blocks that have a different color, the game is over and you have to restart that level. Your character auto-runs toward and you have to navigate him to the target blocks and stack them up. Remember that the more blocks you pick up, the higher prize you will get. As you level up, you will deal with more challenges. A lot of obstacles are placed on the runway to stop you from reaching the finish line.

Always look ahead to avoid them and stay safe. You have only one life and you don’t want to lose your life too soon, do you? Here at kids games, keep stacking the blocks and when you don’t leave any blocks behind, you will go into fever mode. In this mode, all blocks are the same color. and at the end of the runway, you have to tap or click non-stop to gain the force to kick the blocks and get the biggest rewards. Enjoy your time here and in other Frivland online games such as Merge Grabber and Happy Filled Glass 3 Game.

Instructions: Mouse.

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