Go Santa Go GamePlay:

Go Santa Go is another endless runner game that has Christmas theme at https://friv.land/. Like every year, Santa delivers Christmas presents to kids at this Christmas. However, he has a problem. His sledge has gone out of control and it slides away due to snow everywhere and the road is too slippery. As a result, presents are scattered everywhere. Santa needs to collect all the Christmas presents before Christmas is over.

So helping Santa to gather presents is your mission. You have to do everything needed to keep Santa’s life safe as long as possible. You gain scores by surviving and collecting presents. Santa’s life is threatened by vehicles. Santa needs to jump over the cars. If he crashes into the vehicle, he loses his life, and a new journey starts. The key is to jump at the right moment. When the car is coming, if Santa jumps too soon or later, he will end up with an accident. There are no special items to collect like other endless runner games at Friv Land except for Christmas presents.

You should stay focused on jumping over the vehicles rather than collecting presents because you don’t have to collect every single present on the street. You should indeed collect as many presents as possible but you can pass some. The game becomes harder over time as Santa running speed increases and more hazards will appear. You can’t guess what will come and how to deal with them.

This is an interesting game for Christmas and even kids can play it because gameplay and controls are simple enough for them to master. Have fun and check out other games such as Santa City Run and Red Ball Christmas love.

Controls: Tap or click to jump.

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