Oib.io GamePlay:

IO games are always the hottest genres that many players are looking for when they visit friv school Games. Now, you are welcome to the latest option. It’s called Oib.io. It’s about domination. You command an army of blobs. You use them to attack, merge, split, or feed the queen. Feeding the queen means you can spawn lightly stronger blobs at a random chance as well as giving more health.

It’s recommended to feed your queen early so you don’t get killed quickly by stronger enemies. You lose when the queen dies. A swarm of smaller blobs is great to against bigger blobs, but it can help if you have one or two higher-level blobs yourself for more defense. It’s always best to heal your larger blobs after a while. They lose HP over time.

Here at https://friv.land/, there are some things you should remember. Bigger blobs are slower than smaller units. Blobs lose their life with time. Your queen loses her life when she touches enemies. Biggest blobs and queen kill smallest units. Blobs and the queen gain XP when they eat other units.

You need to have a smart plan and strategy and even a good reaction to winning this game. It’s much more challenging than many IO games that you have played for sure. Enjoy it and other fun games such as Limax.io and Wormate Sweetness

How to play: Press the left mouse on your unit and the right mouse in a new position to move. WASD or arrow keys to move the map. Use left mouse click and drag to select several units. Use left mouse and Ctrl to select or deselect units. Space to select all units. 1 to spawn blobs. 2 to merge selected blobs. 3 to split select blobs. 4 to feed the selected blobs to the queen.

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