Duck rescue boat GamePlay:

Duck Rescue Boat is a cool game for anyone who wants to enjoy something both easy and challenging. Of course, you can also find many such games at friv play but believe me, this one is worth your time. You play as a rescuer and your mission is to save as many ducks as possible. The duck boat crashed and sank. Now, ducks are floating on the sea and they are tired of swimming.

Besides, they are being hunted by hungry octopuses. Hurry up! Go and pick up all ducks and go to the shore safely. All you need to do is to navigate your boat to the left or right to pick up every duck that you meet on the way. However, you don’t have to collect every single duck. You can leave them behind because trying to save a duck that is out of your reach is dangerous. Your boat will be in trouble.

Here at https://friv.land/, your boat will explode when it hits an obstacle, and when you collect more than 1 octopus by accident, you also die, and restarting the current level is what you will do next. So, hit an obstacle and you die immediately. Collect an octopus and you still have your final chance to start over but one more accident and you can’t keep going. Don’t forget to collect lifebuoys to increase the number of hits that you can deal with.

As time flies, the challenging level will increase. The boat will move at a higher speed and obstacles will appear more. But nothing can stop you, right? Clear your mission and play other fun games such as Bear Adventure and Trapezio 2

How to play: Mouse or Space.

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