Warfronts.io GamePlay:

Warfronts.io is an awesome multiplayer online IO game welcomes you with the thrilling battles where you and other players have to compete against each other to become the last man standing. If you want to kill monsters and other players with cool weapons, experience the explosions, and feel the heat of the fierce battle, then you must try this one.

Different from other IO games at Frivland games for free, this game looks like a platformer game with a top-down view. Before entering the battle, you can choose from 3 available characters. Each of them has a different set of stats. Join the battle with your favorite one. In the battlefield, you run around, jump from this platform to that platform, collect guns and kills your opponents. Your enemies are not only other players but also various monsters. You have to kill them before they approach you and send you to the hell. Watch out and don’t waste any blood.

Besides killing monsters, you also can jump over them. Weapons are scattered around the map. Let’s collect them. You can use guns or some melee weapons such as a knife to kill enemies. If you die, you will respawn and continue the battle until the time is out. The player kills the most opponents is the winner on http://friv.land/. There is only one winner, so use your shooting skills and show them who is the real king of the battle. Challenge and entertain yourself with various choices of games on our site. Check out: Devast. io and BigHero.io.

How to play: 

  • Right mouse to use melee weapons.
  • Middle mouse to throw grenades.
  • Left mouse to shoot.
  • Arrow keys/WASD to move.
  • Spacebar to jump.
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