Air Wolves GamePlay:

Enemy planes are coming just like a huge flock of birds. If you don’t stop them, they will destroy your city. In Air Wolves at Friv free games, you are called for an important mission which is to destroy as many planes as possible. With the heavily attacking from enemies, how long can you survive? It’s hard to say. But just trying and you will overcome all obstacles and have the best achievement that you never expect that you can. You alone deal with tons of enemy planes. Your plane auto shoots.

Your job is to make sure it won’t fall and shoot at enemies accurately. The control mechanism here is similar to the famous Flappy Birds if you have played that game before. If you don’t do anything, your plane will fall and explore when it lands in an ungentle way. It means your mission fails and you have to start once again. When you get hit, let’s notice the HP bar. If it drops to zero, you no longer survive. Try to dodge the attack of your enemies.

On https://friv.land/, you have no chance to recover HP but you can collect a special power-up that protects you from enemies. So try to collect this item whenever you see them. Also, you tons of stars. Collect them too to get extra scores. Controlling your plane matters the performance. If you can’t control it well, it easily hit the top and the bottom of the screen. This also makes you lose some HP. It’s better to keep your plane in the middle of the screen.

Hey! Commander, are you ready to sweep all enemies out of your homeland? Teach them a lesson and don’t forget to check out other choices of games such as Shoot The Watermelon and Kingdom Defense.


Spacebar to control your plane.

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