Wild West: Sheriff Rage GamePlay:

You are on cloud nine while playing Wild West: Sheriff Rage at Friv.land. You travel to Far Western and play as a real cowboy. Guns are your weapon. Aim straight and shoot well.  Several rivals desire your blood. Wild West: Sheriff Rage game is so riveting that you can’t help stopping playing on friv.com for school.


Wild West: Sheriff Rage free game is a confrontation of gunmen. You go to a wild western town and try to finish your task. Scenes are western movie-like. You see a vast desert, rocky mountains, bushes, inns, motels, cactuses and so on. Of course, you face other gunmen. They are bandits who you need to kill in friv.com for school games. They want to end your life. Murder them before they shoot you. Make quick shots and get rid of targets.


You wear cowboy costume, hold a revolver and pack a rifle on the back. You see enemies from the far distance. Aim and shoot them down. How many opponents can you kill? We will record bandits you slaughter. Your level and percentage of life are shown on the screen. When the percentage of your life is used up, you will die at friv.com for school online games. You lose a part of life after you get injured.


Many bandits are hiding in the pubs. Rush those places and cause their death. Enemies will move fats, so you have to shoot quickly to destroy them. Kill 50 bandits to complete the first level and


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How to play:

  • Use W A S D to move and mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use Space to jump and Shift to sprint.
  • Use Alt to crouch and Q E to change guns.
  • Use P to pause the game.
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