Vex Challenges GamePlay:

Vex Challenges challenges you with 75 challenges in which you have to jump and run your way to go through obstacles safely and reach the exit. The difficulty won’t be the same from the first level to the final one. You will find it becomes harder and harder as you progress just like other Friv free games. Your skills will be to the test. Each level requires you to conquer several deadly obstacles within a certain amount of time. The amount of time at all levels is different. 

A level is complete only when you collect at least one star and get to the exit. You fail when you die because of an obstacle or time runs out while you haven’t reached the exit yet. There are 3 stars in each level but you don’t have to collect all of them. Besides, stars are used to unlock new skins. Even though those new skins won’t give you any advantages to help you pass the obstacles easier, it’s cool to start a new level with a new skin. 

To save time, you should collect only one star and run toward the exit to move to the next level. However, to make the game more challenging and exciting, you can try your best to pick up 3 stars and run to the exit on time. If you die and restart that level, you will see a shadow follow you. It’s called the Ghost feature. You can turn off this feature in the setting.

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WASD or arrow keys.

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