Wild Animal Hunting GamePlay:

Wild Animal Hunting is a cool shooting game in which you will have a hunt in the desert or snow. Just temporarily forget the gun battle where you have to take down your opponents on the battlefield and enjoy an amazing hunting at friv games 15 levels are featuring 15 different missions. Each mission requires you to kill a certain number of animals and within a limited time.

You will walk around, look for your prey, and take them down. With a body shot, you get $50 and with a headshot, you get $100. So aim and shoot at their head to earn money and you can use the money to buy new guns with better stats. You know what? Time is an important factor. It affects your performance. Look at the map and you with know exactly the positions of all animals.

Approach close to them and take action quickly. To save your time, you should choose the shortest way to move from the current position to other positions and the map will help you do it. On http://friv.land/, you will hunt dinosaurs, deers, bears and so on. The bigger animals are, the easier you can shoot.

You also can see the distance between you and the animals and which part of the animals that you aim at. Sound cool, right? If you stand away from them, they will not be able to attack you. Keep proper distance and accurate aiming to get a perfect hunt. Have a great journey at this game and enjoy other ones in other choices on our site. Killer City and Quarantine Rush are 2 of the best options that you should try.

Instructions: Use your mouse to aim and left click to shoot.

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