Cat Wizard Defense GamePlay:

Cat Wizard Defense is a fun and challenging tower defense game that focuses on strategy. Here at Games of friv, you have to defense your realm again waves of evil slimes. They are crowded and strong and they will take down your castle at all costs. Don’t let it happen. Your main mission is to summon several cat wizards to defeat them in 18 levels. Like other games of this genre, your enemies will follow a specific path in each level.

You have to place different cat wizards in the perfect position along that path to stop them. However, these wizards won’t be available for you to summon. You need energies to have them. You will see 3 bars at the top of the screen. The process bar indicates the number of waves of enemies that you have to deal with. The health bars show your health. If enemies enter the gate, it will drop and when it runs out, you lose.

The final one is energy bars. On https://friv.land/, each wizard costs a certain price. The cat who has a higher price is better in battle. Each cat wizard has a different fire range. To take advantage of their skill, you have to place each of them in the right place so they can kill as many enemies as possible.

As you level up, the slimeballs are stronger and it’s not easy to kill them as some first levels. The place of the first level is important. If you have a wise strategy right at the beginning of each match, you have a higher chance to win. Try different plans and see how it works. Enjoy more games on our site. Some of the best choices for you are Hero Knight Action RPG and Tricky Kick.

Controls: Use your mouse to place the cat wizards.

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