Zombie Hunters Arena GamePlay:

Zombie Hunters Arena is all about hunting zombies. Look at its name and you can tell what it is about. Clearly, it is an online multiplayer zombies shooter game that you can play for free at friv com school. You won’t compete against other players and find out who kill zombies more and better. Instead, you will team up with other online players and defeat hordes of zombies together. Sound great, right? There are 13 maps as 13 levels for you to unlock and discover.

Each level has its own objective that you have to conquer. You enter the map and start shooting at zombies with a basic gun but you can loot and equip yourself with different types of weapons scattered on the map. Besides weapons, you also collect other items such as health recovery items. The more zombies you kill, the faster you level up. Try to kill as many zombies as possible to level up and upgrade your basic weapons.

On https://friv.land/, each time you level up, you will become stronger. At the end of each match, the portal to the next level will open. Quickly reach this portal to move to the next stage. It opens in a random place on the map and if you are too far from it, let’s wait for next time because it will close after a few seconds. If you are lucky and fast enough, you won’t be left behind.

Enjoy the best zombie shooting experience that you have ever had. Other games are great but this game is awesome. Break a leg and after 13 levels, you can test yourself with new challenges in other games such as Dead Red and Super Hitmasters Online


Arrow keys to move and left click to shoot.

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