Zombie Madness GamePlay:

Zombie is the material of many games. You may have played tons of games about zombies and most of them require you to defeat zombies. Today, Zombie Madness will give you a new gaming experience that differs from other zombie games that you have played on Friv Land. Instead of being a zombie hunter and kill zombies while you try to survive as long as possible, you are a zombie and your mission is to infect as many humans as you can. You will be responsible for spreading the zombie virus around the world, turn the world of humans into the world of zombies.

Sound so attractive, doesn’t it? There are 24 levels and each level offers a unique mission. You have to finish the current stage to unlock the new one. 24 levels bring to you various gameplay. It’s one of the best features of this game. This keeps the gaming experience fresh and enjoyable.

Here at https://friv.land/, it’s time to unleash the zombie madness. Some levels require you to infect all people in a certain amount of time while in other levels, you have to go to the zombie zone within a given time. You may find the puzzle element in this game as you have to find the best way to over the challenge to finish each mission. It seems to be easy and simple but indeed, it’s challenging. You may have to play a specific level several times before you succeed in clearing that mission. Time is short and you may that you don’t have enough time to think and figure out how to handle that mission. That’s so interesting.

Let’s see how you can conquer all 24 levels. After that make sure you check out other choices of games as well. Some of the best options for you are Invace Spaders and Zombie Hunters Arena.


Use your mouse or arrow keys to play.

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