Invace Spaders GamePlay:

Let’s welcome one of the latest games that just arrive at friv Games for boys. It’s called Invace Spaders. What’s wrong with its name? Well, that seemed to be an intentional error. It’s a space shooting game in which you have to defeat all alien invaders. An alien army is coming and trying to invade the earth. You have to stop them at all costs and try your best to survive as long as possible. It’s your ultimate objective here.

In each game, you have only 3 lives. You lose a life if an enemy passes you and if you hit an enemy or get shot. You can’t earn more lives during the game. So control your fighter jet carefully to attack your enemies and dodge their attack at the same time. This is an endless space shooting game, so there is only one level. It’s game over when you lose all 3 lives.

Don’t worry. You will get help from 2 bonuses on https://friv.land/. One power-up items make your enemies slow down for 5 seconds. It’s a short time but you can take advantage of that time to clean all enemies appearing on the screen. The other gives you a laser line that clears out every single enemy in front of you. Use these items well and you will become unstoppable. Only an endless level doesn’t mean the challenging level of this game is still the same from the start to the end. The game becomes more challenging over time.

More enemies appear at the same time while you are alone. You have to deal with them by yourself. So watch out and good luck! Test your limit here and in other games such as Zombie Hunters Arena and Super Hitmasters Online.

How to play:

Move by using your left mouse.

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