Adam and Eve 8 GamePlay:

Do you realize that Adam when he wakes up and finds himself in an unfamiliar place? This time is no exception. He is in a strange city in the cloud. In Adam and Eve 8, your mission is similar to other installments of this famous series at Friv adventure games which is to help Adam reunite with his beloved Eve. That’s it. Welcome you to the eighth sequels of the Adam and Eve series. If you love this point-and-click series, you must play this version because it brings you from this surprise to that surprise in his journey. Shall we start?

You will go through a series of puzzles. Each level requires you to solve a puzzle and each puzzle is unique. All you have to do is to click on the right objects in the right order to help Adam move forward. This doesn’t provide any hints or give you instruction. You have to find the best way to help Adam by yourself. Do not afraid to click randomly on all objects appearing in each level if you don’t know how to solve the puzzle yet.

On https://friv.land/, if you are lucky enough, that level is complete. Otherwise, you can play it once again if you go the wrong way. Pass the traps, obstacles, and free Adam from all troubles. Lead him to the right way so he can go home with his wifey. Clouds have some secrets.

Let’s discover them and you will get help from that or push Adam into the trouble. Who knows? Enjoy your time here and if it’s too easy for you, have a look at other challenging games such as Adam And Eve Night and Best Link.


Click to guide Adam home.

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