Best Link GamePlay:

Best Link is about link 2 identical tiles to collect them and finish the current level, then unlock the next stage. Yes, this is a match-2 puzzle game or known as a mahjong puzzle game. It challenges your problem-solving skills in solving each puzzle in the shortest time on Friv Land. When it comes to the mahjong puzzle game, your mission is to clear every pair of the same tiles. You have to link 2 identical tiles by using 3 or fewer straight lines. Besides, there is no tile blocking those lines between 2 identical tiles.

Follow this rule and you can connect all match pairs and go to the next stages. However, you have to do it quickly and accurately because you have to finish each level within a certain amount of time. You see a time bar at the top of the screen with 3 stars. You get 1, 2, or 3 stars in each level or not depends on how fast you deal with the puzzle. Time runs out while you haven’t finished the current level yet, you have to play it once again until it’s done.

On https://friv.land/, there are so many games that suit both kids and adults and this is one of them. Even kids can easily play this game without their parent’s help. The introduced game may not be the option that you play seamlessly from the first level to the final one but it’s a great choice to play at break time or during the time that you wait for the bus and so on.

It’s worth bookmarking. Besides it, you can test some of your skills with the new challenges in other games such as Neon Catapult and Potion Ingredient Match.

How to play:

Use your mouse to connect the same tiles.

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