Shoot The Watermelon GamePlay:

You own a watermelon farm and these days, you have nothing to do and you decided to challenge your shooting skills by using watermelon as your target. Shoot The Watermelon at friv play lets you meet your shooting ambition and improve your focus as well as your shooting skills with 20 interesting levels. Your ultimate goal is to shoot all watermelons at each level within the limited time and armor. You don’t have much time to aim and shoot. You have to do it quickly and accurately.

However, you still have enough time to lock the target and shoot. Don’t miss any target. Don’t waste your armor. By shooting all watermelons in each level, you can unlock the new stage with the new challenge. As you advance, the game is much harder as the watermelons are moving instead of staying still like in some first levels. Moving targets are the real challenge because you will find it hard to lock the target.

Let’s consider this game as a place to have fun and practice your shooting skills for other shooting games that you can play on https://friv.land/. You can’t move around or come closer to the target or change weapons. This game is simple focused on aiming and shooting. Simple gameplay but it brings you an awesome gaming experience. The control mechanism is super simple as well. You use the mouse cursor to aim and left click to shoot at the watermelon.

The juicy and tasty watermelon gets shot to offer a quite satisfying feeling. You have about 30 seconds to finish each level, whether you can make it or not. Try and find your own answer. Also, don’t forget to enjoy other options such as Sniper Trigger and Kumu's Adventure.


Mouse cursor to aim and left click to shoot.

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