Areena .io GamePlay:

Arrena.io is one of the most unique IO game that you have ever played at friv free Games. Why? It’s because you won’t against other online players from all over the world in a multiplayer arena. Here, you deal with hordes of tiny enemies. Let the adventure with cool retro pixel-based graphics begins. In the battlefield, there are only you, tons of enemies and some buildings that you have to care about.

An in-game shop is where you buy weapons and armor. An Inventory is where you choose weapons and armor to equip your character Arena is where you are under the attack of many enemies at the same time. The difficulty increases significantly as you level. You face stronger enemies. They are toucher and equipped with powerful weapons. With each killed, you earn money.

With more powerful enemies, you will get more money. On http://friv.land/, you should stay alert to dodge the attack from your opponents. Attack them quickly to kill them immediately before they shoot you. Complete every mission to get rewards to purchase new weapons and buy armor to protect yourself. These evil monsters are so crowded while you are a lonely wolf.

Make sure you plan a wisely strategy on attacking and defending. You have only 3 lives. If you die, you will lose everything you own. Think twice before making any decisions. This game will keep you entertaining for hours. Challenge yourself by slaying all tiny monsters and conquer the arena. Check out more fun games as you want such as Krunt .io and Braains2. io.

Instructions: Arrow/WASD to move, space or left click to attack, E to interact.

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