Basket Goal GamePlay:

The gameplay of Puzzle games is various. It can be related to numbers, letters, and so many more. What about a puzzle game about basketball? Have you ever tried it before? Whatever your answer is, there is such a game that you shouldn’t miss at friv com games. Its name is Basket Goal. This time, instead of aiming and throwing the ball into the hoop to get as many scores as possible, you have to solve the puzzle to score.

In front of you is a playing field that is divided into small tiles and on each level, the ball and the hoop are in a random tile. What you have to do is to move the ball and the hoop in order to make the ball lie on top of the basket in a vertical row. When the ball is there, it will drop to the hoop and that level is complete. Remember that the ball and the hoop will move at the same time. They go up, down, to the left and right at once. Only when something is blocking their way, they won’t move.

In the beginning, it’s quite easy to make the ball lie on top of the hoop but later on, when you level up, some obstacles will appear to make the game more challenging. Luckily, the game doesn’t require you to finish a level within a given time or a certain number of moves; therefore, take your time to find the best solution for each puzzle. You can collect coins in the same way you score a goal and use those coins to unlock new skins for the ball.

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Arrow keys.