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Battle Royale games are the hot trend nowadays. It becomes popular in computer and mobile device. However, you must download and pay to play, so why don’t you choose a cheaper solution which is still great? By visiting the frivland online game and playing Battlepoint.io - one of the best IO games on our site, you will enjoy almost the same experience as other blockbusters out there. If you don’t believe, there is only one way to find out is to check it out.

In this game, the last player standing wins. Is that enough for you to understand what this awesome multiplayer game about? Here, you are dropped to the middle of a huge campsite filled with other players who come for only one goal just like you: survive and win. The first thing you have to do is to move around and pick up the weapons and items scattered in the map. While looking for loot, you must watch out because your enemies will suddenly appear and give you a deadly shot. You don’t want to die too soon when just entering the battlefield for a few seconds, right? Take advantage of hassocks or tree as the cover. Aim and shoot your opponents to dominate the battle at http://friv.land/.

Searching all the map to find your targets or waiting in somewhere until they appear. For a while, the map will sink forcing all players to face directly. Do you have enough skill and luck to be the best player and win over other opponents? Let’s go and find the answer. Challenge yourself with other highly competitive games such as Knuckol .io and Brutalmania .io.

How to play: Use arrow keys/WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot, E to pick up items, G to throw the grenade.

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