Where Is My Ruffed Bird GamePlay:

Where Is My Ruffed Bird is a puzzle game in which you will draw to solve the puzzles. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Here friv Games online, there is a bird and it wants to come to the hole that is far from it. However, it can’t move and it needs your help. It’s not clear which kind of this bird is but it seems that it can’t fly or even walk. It can roll only.

All you need to do is to draw whatever you think it works in terms of helping the bird rolls to the hole. It can be a triangle, a square, a line, and so on. However, that shape must be created by only one stroke. It means whenever you stop, the shape is fully made, even though it's not as complete as you want it to be. Once you stop, the bird moves and if it can’t reach the hole, you fail and you have to play that level once again.

There are 40 levels and all of them are unlocked. You can pick the one you like to play first. However, it’s better to play from the first level to the final level. Like other games on https://friv.land/, the puzzle becomes more challenging as the game processes. Each level tests you with a trickier puzzle. You should observe the position of the hole and the bird to find out the best solution.

Feel free to try several times until you can find a solution that works. Enjoy and check out other options as amazing as this one on our site. Some of the best choices for you are Boat Coordinates and KOGAMA Pro Run.

How to play:

Use your left click to move.

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