Black Hole.io GamePlay:

A black hole is one of the most threatening natural disasters that can devour everything in the world. It causes human and economic damage. Humans can’t stop this disaster. Here at Friv5 IO games, you won’t play a game about finding ways to prevent disasters or overcome consequences but you play as a black hole. And your goal is to devour everything in your moving path. Sound awesome, doesn’t it? More amazing when you don’t play solo, or compete against AI but join a battle with other players from all over the world.

It’s going to be a fierce competition. Are you ready to become the greatest black hole of all the time on http://friv.land/? Let’s start. You start the game with a small black hole. You move around the city and swallow objects from little things like trees, chairs, trash cans to something big such as buildings and more. As you eat, you will become bigger and stronger. You also can eat other players who are smaller than yours.

However, they can eat yours too. So try to avoid those are bigger and hunt down those are smaller than you to eliminate your enemies. Then, you will have more chance to conquer the top of the leaderboard. There are so many things you can put into your bottomless stomach. Keep eating and eating more until you devour the whole world. Whether it can happen or not, play this awesome game and find your answer. Have a great time! Have more fun with Big Chungus and Snowball.io.

How to play: Use arrow keys to control your black hole.

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