Harvy Runner GamePlay:

Harvy Runner is an interesting combination of a non-stop runner game and a puzzle game. Your ultimate objective is to help Little Harvy reach the finish line without hitting any obstacle along the way. Like some endless runner games at friv Games for boys, your character which is known as Little Harvy automatically runs towards. Here, you won’t control Little Harvy to jump over the obstacles or change the lanes to keep his life safe.

Instead, you remove the obstacles or make use of them while Little Harvy collects stars to reach the goal. You must hurry because the moving speed of Little Harvy is quite fast. If you haven’t handled those obstacles before Little Harvy comes close, Little Harvy will bump into those obstacles and die. Therefore, your hand needs to be faster than Little Harvy’s legs. Destroy bombs, remove blocks, fill the gaps and so on, you need to do everything needed to complete each level.

Unlike other level-based games at https://friv.land/, all levels in this game are available for you to play. It means you don’t need to start from the first level and advance in order. You can jump right into level 5 or 7. However, it’s better to advance in order because the first level is always easy and designed to help you get familiar with gameplay and control. 50 levels spread across 5 themes filled with challenges and excitements are waiting for you to conquer.

When you collect enough 500 stars and 500 bonus stars, a special bonus platform will be opened. Don’t miss any chance to explore it. So enjoy your free time here and other games such as Among As Running and Crowd Run

How to play: Touch or use your mouse to interact with obstacles.

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