Grow In The Hole GamePlay:

Grow in the Hole is a fantastic golf game full of fun and exciting elements. You haven’t had a chance to play a golf game like this one before for sure. It differs from those original golf games out there. It offers 2 gameplays including Single-player and Multiplayer. Each features various different game modes bring you a different experience and require you to complete a certain mission.

The unique feature of this game that is different from other ones is that each time you miss a shot, your golf ball grows in size and it shrinks if you are successful. It’s interesting, isn’t it? At play friv, your main objective in every mode is to shoot the ball into the hole. There are various game modes but basically, you score on every stage before the ball grows too big so it doesn’t fit into the hole anymore.

The precise of your shot depending on the angle and the strength you use. So, the point is that you must adjust the right power and the angel of the shot to shoot the ball into the hole. On http://friv.land/, the game allows you to customize some options to suit your taste. Remember that in every mode, the game is over once the ball is too big to fit in the hole. How well are you in golf? Master all game modes, challenge yourself in solo courses or compete against other players around the world in multiplayer courses and enjoy hours of fun. In addition, you can explore and experience some other games like Mine Rusher 2 and Treze Basket. Good luck!

Controls: You use your mouse to adjust the angle and the strength of your shot.

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