Snowball.io GamePlay:

Nothing is better than playing snowballs in the winter. If you like playing snowball fight but you do not live in snowy areas, or it’s summer now, then let’s come and enjoy Snowball.io - an amazing multiplayer IO game that you can play through 4 seasons. Here at friv io games, your ultimate goal is not to create the hugest snowball but to be the last man standing in a snow arena. To do this, you need to eliminate your opponents by creating a huge snowball and throwing to them. In the beginning, the battlefield is full of players. This means you have more targets while you are easily eliminated.

You have to dodge any snowballs coming to you while taking the chance to throw your snowball to other players. Bigger means more powerful, so using a huge snowball helps you easily flick your opponents off the playfield on http://friv.land/. You need to make sure that you can stay in the game as long as you can to become the winner. Yes, ramming a snowball into them is not enough to eliminate your opponent, you need to send them off the edge of the arena. You will soon discover the relationship between the size of the snowball and the power. Master this relationship allows you to get the effective result.

Keep rolling to make a giant snowball or throw some small snowball constantly into the enemies is all up to you. Remember that a giant snowball is more powerful while taking more times to create. A small snowball is less powerful but it’s easier and faster to build. Have a great snowball fight time. Have more fun with Goons.io and Wormania.io.

How to play: Move and make a snowball by holding your left mouse button and release to shoot.

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