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Welcome to the latest action IO game at game friv called Blobgame.io. Here, you will compete against other players to become the biggest blob in the battlefield. Start with a tiny bacterial named Blob, you must try hard to survive as long as you can by eating food scattered around the map and avoiding attacks by your bigger opponents. As you collect food, you become bigger and bigger.

Once you are large enough, you can hunt other players who are smaller than yours. One of the most interesting features in this game is that you can split yourself into many small parts and reunite later. You should plan a wise strategy on splitting and reuniting at the right moment to keep your life safe. On http://friv.land/, don’t be sad or give up if you find yourself just survive only a few minutes after the game starts.

Because all real players gather on one battlefield, so the combat is thrilling and challenging. Be patient, horn your skills by playing several times and you will improve. The game offers different game modes. All of them are interesting and cool. Try all them out if you have free time. You can gain experience after each match and unlock some other features and exclusive skins to customize your cell.

Absorb food and even other players to become the biggest cell and win the battle. Act fastly and wisely to dominate the leaderboard. Once you enter this game world, you are uneasy to leave but can’t wait to enter the game more and more. This game is great but there are also other games as amazing as this one. Why don’t you try out CrowdCity .io and Senpa .io ?

How to play: Mouse to move, W to eject mass, Space to split, D to split x2, T to split x4, E to split minion, S to stop minion.

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