Senpa .io GamePlay:

Do you want to join something fun? Something competitive? Something thrilling? Let’s jump into the battlefield of Senpa.io full of other players. They enter this battle with the only goal which is to become the winner. In this cool multiplayer online IO game at friv Games friv, you control a tiny little cell and start collecting multicolored dots scattered around the map to grow up.

For the first few seconds, you should stay focused on eating and avoiding other players until you grow big enough. This is a thrilling battle where everyone fights for their life and the title of the last man standing. So the ones who are bigger than you can absorb you. You can eat those who are smaller and so on. Once you are large enough, you can hunt for smaller cells to increase your size faster.

Search for smaller enemies is the fastest way to become big. However, you should know that you also are hunted by other players. One more amazing thing in this game is that you can split yourself into a bunch of small cells on http://friv.land/. This brings both advantage and disadvantage. You can trick your opponents and eat them while you are eaten by your enemies.

You must split and unite your cells at the right time to gain an advantage. Touching the grey circles make you automatically split and when you split, you are vulnerable to enemy attacks. There are 5 modes to challenge your survival skills including Free for All, Dual, Instant Merge, No Virus, and Mega Split. Try them all and have a great moment here. Enjoy relaxing time with other choices of games such as Areena .io and Aquar .io.

Instructions: Mouse to move, Space to split, W to eject mass.

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