CrowdCity .io GamePlay:

The world now is no longer under the domination of human. Zombies have replaced human to conquer the world. CrowdCity.io is a fun zombie-themed online IO game in which you play as a zombie leader. Your objective is to attack living humans to turn them into zombies and recruit them to your zombie army. Try hard to recruit as many zombies as you can to build a powerful zombie army.

Once your group is large enough, you can attack other zombie armies who have less number of members than yours. Turn other armies into yours to dominate the city and move to a new city at friv Games online. In the beginning, you should avoid the armies who are larger than yours and stay focused on attacking humans. After winning a level, you can buy upgrades for your army to enhance their stats such as speed, life, attack power and unlock new types of zombie units.

So the rule is simple, just chase humans, eat their brains, kill other smaller armies and become the ruler on http://friv.land. Move from these cities to those cities and the whole world will be yours soon. With simple graphics, simple but fun gameplays, you can’t wait to play until you reach the final level in this cool zombie IO game. The innocent people will immediately turn into a zombie when you touch them. Make sure all members of your group catch up with the zombie leader. Move forward but wait for your members to follow. Don't leave them behind and other zombie armies with taking to chance to recruit them. Test yourself with new challenges in other games such as Senpa .io and Areena .io .

Instructions: Lead your zombie army by using your mouse.

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