Bloxorz GamePlay:

Bloxorz is a challenging but addicting puzzle games that you don’t want to miss if you are looking for a mind-blowing puzzle game. There are 33 levels and each level requires you to lead the block to the square hole. Of course, the puzzle gets trickier as you advance. While moving, make sure to keep the block safe. You don’t want to make it fall off the edge for sure. If it happens, you have to restart that level. On many levels, you will see some bridges and switches. You can activate the switches by pressing them with blocks. Staying on the switch to keep the bridges closed is not required. There are three types of switches.

The first ones are X-shaped ones. These switches require much more pressure, so your block must be standing on its end to activate it. It means your block must be standing on its end to activate it. The second ones are round-shaped. You can activate them when any part of your block presses it. The last ones are the switches that look like parentheses. When you activate this switch, your block will be teleported to different locations and that block will be split into two smaller blocks. Three types of switches don’t behave the same when activated. Some switches will swap the bridges from open to close or close to open each time it is used. Other ones will only ever make certain bridges open and activating it again will not make it close.

One more thing you have to notice in this game at friv online games is that the green or red colored squares will flash to indicate which bridges are being operated. Orange tiles are more fragile than the rest of the tiles. If your block stands up vertically on the orange tile, the tile will give away and your block will fall. Let’s see how far you can go. Have fun and don’t forget to check out other Frivland kids games such as Blocky Parrot and Only One Color Per Line.


WASD or arrow keys.