Blocky Parrot GamePlay:

Have you ever been to a rainforest? Even if you haven’t been there before, you can guess that there are a lot of tall trees and animals, right? Blocky Parrot will bring you to the blocky rainforest in which you will be the companion of a little parrot. You know what? Many animals in the rainforest want to catch our lovely parrot for food. Your mission in this Frivland survival game is to keep it safe from all enemies and your goal is to keep the parrot surviving as long as possible.

The Parrot is being surrounded by enemies. It looks like it’s trapped in a small space and it can’t escape. The only way to stay safe is to fly around that space. The parrot tends to fly down all the time. It will bump into the right and left sides. You have to make sure it lands in a safe place because some animals like snakes are sticking out their necks and waiting for their prey. At the bottom are some crocodiles and at the top are spikes. You have to find the best way to help it avoid hitting those dangers.

If it hits one of them, it dies and you have to restart the game. Here, you get one point each time the parrot lands successfully. You can collect coins that occasionally appear on the playing field but don’t put too much attention on picking coins because coins aren’t used to buy anything here. Over time, everything becomes more challenging as more enemies appear. The safe space for landing will be narrowed. Be ready for it! Besides this game, you can enjoy tons of other fun games for free such as Save Animals: Forest fire and Happy Filled Glass 3 Game.

Controls: Mouse.

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