Boat Coordinates GamePlay:

Boat Coordinates is a fun and unique game in which you use X and y coordinates to drive your boat to the destination. In other games related to the boat that you have played at friv Games for boys, you usually use the steering wheel to drive your boat right? It has been changed now in this game. Here, you will see a graph with two axes: x and y. You will see some values in those axes. Your main mission is to guide your boat to the finish line by using x and y coordinates.

You have to observe the coordinate of the destination, then set x and t value to send your boat to that point. Your boat can move forward and backward when you increase and decrease the X and Y value. On https://friv.land/, that your main goal but you also have some sub-missions. These challenges are hard to conquer because you may have to spend a lot of time while you only have 100 seconds to finish each level.

These challenges are to collect buoys, fish, and avoid crashing into other boats. If the buoys appear at any level, you have to collect all of them and go to the finish point to clear the current mission and make sure you make it when the time doesn’t run out yet. Otherwise, you have to play that level once again until you succeed to move to the next round.

As expected, the game becomes harder as you level up. You don’t what awaits you ahead, so be ready to guide your boat to the final destination safely. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the following options: Madman Runner and Sea Travel Match 3.


Click on the plus and minus buttons to increase and decrease the X and Y values.

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