Team Kaboom GamePlay:

Team Kaboom is a cool endless shooting game in which you have to keep shooting all the time or your life ends. At Friv Land, there are tons of shooter games and each game introduces a distinctive experience. This one is no exception. Enemies appear like they jump down from nowhere. You should stand at the edge of the platform near the bottom, so you can easily shoot at enemies wherever they come from, from the left side or right side.

Don’t let anyone of them escape because once they jump into the gap at the bottom, they will appear much stronger and faster from the top and it’s much harder for you to kill them and avoid them. They won’t attack you with any kinds of weapons but once you touch them, you die. You have 3 lives and you can’t earn more lives during the match.

On https://friv.land/, at some moments, when you get a high score, the map changes and you will start your mission on a new map. There are 3 different maps in total. It seems that there is no indication that you are about to switch to the new map. When the map changes, you know it. On the map, you will see a crate. Try to collect it because it will offer you a cool weapon such as rifles, machine guns, rocket launcher and so on. They are temporary weapons. It means they will disappear in a short time. As you advance, more enemies will come and they come like a flood. Watch out.

Enjoy your time here and make sure you explore our huge collection of games. All options are free to play. Some of the best choices for you are Object Hunt and Armored Blasters.

How to play: Arrow keys to move, X to jump, and C to shoot.

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