Boxer.io GamePlay:

Boxer.io is another multiplayer online IO game that will keep you hooked and bring you joy for hours. It brings you to the ring and you become a boxer. However, different from the boxing matches you've ever seen. Why? Because instead of fighting against one opponent, you will compete against 9 opponents in an epic race to the top of the leaderboard. In this boxing match, the greatest boxer of all time will be found out. Are you a good candidate? This game offers 2 currencies. One is the coin and another is the diamond. You need both coins and diamonds to upgrade your boxer. Yes, after you put a cool name in the name box, you will have a chance to upgrade your gloves.

You merge two identical pairs of gloves to create a new one that is stronger. You can use both diamonds and coins to do that. Then, when the match begins, you will look for smaller opponents. You can punch them, smash them and rank up in the leaderboard. Like most IO games, you should stay away from the bigger opponents. When you deal with them, there is a high chance that you will lose. So, it’s better to hunt smaller opponents to grow bigger. Then, deal with the stronger ones. Here, you get coins over time. Besides, you can earn coins by joining the match and from Sign in and Lucky Draw. Also, you can get diamonds from Sign in and Lucky Draw. To join a match, you have to spend 5 energies and your energy will be restored over time. Good luck and don’t hesitate to check out other awesome games such as Koxo.io and Falling Elevator. 

Controls: WASD to move, L to punch and P to spin around.

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