CarWarz.io GamePlay:

If you find it bored to play the game alone, then why don’t you visit play friv games and find some multiplayer games. You should know that there are many types of multiplayer online games here and you are sure to find some options that suit your taste. And CarWarz.io is one of them. This is a cool multiplayer online game that you will enter a battle with other players around the world. All of you will compete for the title of the last car standing.

Yes, it’s a fierce survival battle where only one car has a chance to alive. Is it you? Enter a cool name that makes your opponents impress, then choose your favorite car among 18 different options. You don’t need to achieve any goals to unlock new cars. Feel free to choose the one you want. Then, the battle officially starts. On http://friv.land/, there are 7 players in a match. The game ends when the 6 cars are exploded and only one car lives.

You eliminate other players by crashing into them. You can come closer to the victory by 2 ways. The first one is to drive around and stay away from other cars. The second one is to directly join the battle. Or you can combine both strategies to raise the chance to win. Shield bonuses and health bonuses will appear sometimes. Don’t miss the. Take advantage of them to restore your health and protect yourself from your opponent’s attacks. Good luck and discover more games on our site such as Schedios.io and Hexagame .io.

Controls: Drive by using your arrow keys.

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