Street Shadow Classic Fighter GamePlay:

Do you want to find a game that helps you release stress after a hard-working day? Nothing better than Street Shadow Classic Fighter. You can punch, hit and kick someone without any worry. No one judges you and no one puts you in jail. It’s a great Frivland fighter games that help you dispel fatigue and stress, makes you feel refreshed like as Real Boxing Fighting Game. So, you are walking confidently on the street and suddenly, some people come and attack you. They are policemen, office ladies, workers, and so on. They won’t let you rest.

You have to fight your way to defeat all of them to keep your life safe and win. You may be surrounded by several enemies and attacked by them at the same time. You have to defend yourself while attacking them. You can kick, punch, jump, and kick your rivals or even grab a weapon and use it to hit them. A level is clear when the enemy bar under your health bar is full. At the end of each level, you always face one or two enemies who are stronger than the previous ones. That's when you're most likely to lose.

That’s why this game offers the upgrading feature allowing you to upgrade your Health, Weapon Technique, Kick Power, and Punch Power with money that you’ve collected from the fight. So, when the money is dropped from the body of those you defeat, don’t forget to pick it up to upgrade your fighter. As you level up, you will have to deal with much stronger enemies. Break a leg and let’s show them who is the best street fighter. Have fun and enjoy other cool games at friv online games. such as Mexican Wrestler Superstars and Force Master 3D.


Arrow keys or WASD to move, Space to jump, Z to punch, C to grab, and X to kick.