Castle Puzzle GamePlay:

Castle Puzzle is a challenging puzzle game about construction. However, you won’t build to destroying anything here but fix and change the height of each castle. At friv 5 , all the castles are built from many blocks and your mission is to make them drop stably on the ground by eliminating each block. It seems to be simple and easy but it doesn’t seem to be as its look. You have to use your logical thinking and observation skill to make them great choices. Deciding which blocks should be destroyed isn’t simple because many blocks affect the castle’s structure. You must rotate the castle in each level to find the useless blocks and eliminate them first. Then, gradually, destroy other ones.

The blocks in the edges may be the pilar of the castle. If you make a wrong choice by eliminating one of the pillars, the castle may fall. So it’s important to make sure you observe carefully and slowly destroy each block and make the castle land safely on the ground. You are n’t under the limitation of time or move. So, don’t rush.

On friv 2019, the castle falls mean you have to restart your work. If the castle drops stably on the ground, you succeed and the new level will be unlocked. As the game processes, the puzzle becomes more and more challenging. You don’t have any hint or helper. It’s all up to you to find the best solution for each puzzle. This game is worth to spend time playing because it’s attracting and entertaining. Have fun and remember tons of games are waiting for you on our site. Check out Blocksbuster and 2020 Deluxe

Controls: Tap or click to eliminate the block.

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