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Puzzle Fuzzle is an interesting puzzle game related to painting suits all ages. The rule is easy to understand. You need to follow the word tip and pick up the right objects of the given painter, combine them into an object that each level requires. You don’t have to use logic to solve the puzzle. Just use your creativity and imagination to conquer this game at friv 4 game In each level, you have 2 game boards and a word. One is the place you use to combine objects. Another is a painter where you pick up necessary items.

The painter is created by many objects that don’t stick to each other. So, you can take whatever you want. Most objects can be created by 2 items. Let’s try to figure out how to create what this game asks of you and combine the items to fulfill the request. If you pick up the wrong items, you can return them to the painter.

On friv Games, the required objects becomes complicated as the game processes. Sometimes, you have to rotate the items to figure the right position of them and make them fit the required object. For example, an ice cream cone is made from an octopus and a triangle flag. Make sure you look at the word and observe the painter to find out all needed item for the object that you have to create. Many cute images are waiting for you to discover in the game. play free anytime on our site and don’t forget to explore more awesome games such as GatoSlice and Super World Adventure

Controls: Drag and drop items by using your mouse.

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