Blocksbuster! GamePlay:

Blocksbuster! is simple but quite challenging. The goal of every level is to move a bottomless hole under the structure and swallow all blocks without sucking bombs and other dangerous elements. These structures are made from various blocks, so when moving the hole under them, you will cause these structures to collapse. This brings advantage and disadvantage.

At friv Games for boys, you can easily suck all the pieces easily. However, the bombs will be mixed in the pile, making you suck the block will suck the bomb at the same time. Depending on the situation, you need to think of a suitable solution. You must skillfully wriggle to avoid the bombs and collect all blocks safely to move to the next stage. As the game processes, you deal with more bombs.

It’s much harder to avoid them. The structures are different in form and the blocks are different in size. Sometimes, you must move fastly and sometimes, slow down is the ideal strategy. All obstacles are related to bomb. So, the game challenges your problem-solving skills as you must find a way to avoid those bombs.

Tons of stages with different difficulty levels are waiting for you to conquer on http://friv.land. If you like something both challenging and entertaining, you shouldn’t miss this option. Play anytime you want, and you can’t wait to play until the last level for sure. Have a great time. Challenge yourself with other games as amazing as this one such as Tap Heli Tap and Gun Master.

How to play: Use your mouse to direct the hole.

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