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The war among all kingdoms and dragons never seems to stop. As a lord, you don’t want to witness your own castles destroyed by other kingdoms and dark dragons. Enter the fantastic world in Castlewars.io at friv Games to play and control your flying castle to hunt down all dragons and enemies to become the last castle standing in the realm. If you have never played this game before, now it’s your chance.

It’s an entertaining and challenging multiplayer IO game combine with a tower-defense game in which you must protect your own castle at all cost. You move your castle around the floating battlefield in the air and try to kill some fierce dragons and annoying enemies. Earn scores and coins to upgrade your castle, built more towers to increase the effect of defending and attacking.

If the others are too strong, you are better to avoid them. You can’t handle both dragons and other players at the same time. Play safe is better than bet your life. Plan a wise strategy to outwit your opponents on http://friv.land. Aim and shoot accurately to kill the evil dragons that spit fire. Move to avoid the attack from the enemies and take advantage of all chances to make a chain of combos to kill them and conquer the battlefield.

Remember that you are against the real players. They are also good at planning strategies and attacks. Don’t stop upgrading your castles with arsenals and defense towers. Show off your strength now. If you want to explore more IO games, let’s check out Trapz .io and Drawaria.online.

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to move, left click or spacebar to charge the shot and right-click to sprint.

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