Trapz .io GamePlay:

Trapz.io is a cool and challenging multiplayer IO game that brings you to an epic adventure as you must collect as many golds as possible and kill all enemies to dominate the leaderboard at friv Games for kids. This game has some elements of a platform game as you control your character to move around, from this platform to that platform to collect gold coins and hearts.

Your ranking is depended on the amount of gold that you have collected and the number of killed enemies. You have 3 lives. When you touch one o these obstacles, one life is gone. However, you can collect the heart symbol along the way to recover your health. You attack any enemies come close to you.

Just swing your sword and he will die. Besides, you also need to avoid their swords. Otherwise, they will kill you first. Combine between attack and defend to conquer the leaderboard. On http://friv.land/, remember that other players are not your only one threating, you are more easily to die because of obstacles. Move, jump and climb carefully to save your life.

Collect coins, treasures, and battle against other players. Climb up to the higher place to get more coins. You must become the last adventurer standing on this dangerous journey to win. Good luck and have fun! Play this game several times to deal with different groups of player each time. If you want to join other exciting and thrilling adventures, you should check out Drawaria.online and BowRoyale .io.

How to play: Use AD to move, W or Spacebar to jump and left click to attack.

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