Cat Loves Cake GamePlay:

Cat Loves Cake is a simple but challenging game that tests your skills where you will have a chance to make friends with many adorable animals. Here, they are playing a game. Do you want to join them? At friv games online, you will meet a cat first. Its job is to bounce and your job is to help it bounce through a series of obstacles and jump on the giant cake at the end of each level.

The cat and other animals bounce all the time. You have to make sure that each time they jump, they jump at the right time, and each time they land, they land safely. Timing is everything. If you can’t control the speed and master each jump, your character is easy to bump the obstacles and if this happens, you have to restart. After some levels where you accompany the cat, new friends will appear.

To unlock new characters, you have to finish a certain number of levels. These characters in the game have nothing special. It means they don’t have a specific skill to help you complete your mission easier. On Cooking Games, they are the same but it’s fun to welcome them and play with them. Just look at them and you can’t wait to help them get the giant cake that they want.

The special feature of this game is that if you fail several times at one level, the game will show you the perfect route to follow. This route will guide you to the final destination without hitting any obstacles on the way. Have fun and have a look at other enjoyable games such as Unicorn Chef Design Cake, Happy Birthday Cake DécorHow To Make Frozen Fever Cake and Rainbow Cake Cooking.


WASD to control your character.

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