Grumpy Cat Runner GamePlay:

It's time to exercise. Running is the best choice to improve health. Let’s join an endless running adventure with a lovely cat who loves fish in Grumpy Cat Runner – a cool endless runner game that you can play for free at kids friv. Easy to play but hard to master, it’s not simple to have a long journey while many challenges are waiting for you ahead.

Barriers, trash cans, vehicles, are you able to avoid them when running at the high speed? Yes, you can. Let’s see how many scores can you earn here. Your character autoruns, so you just need to help her go left and right in a road divided into 3 lanes to avoid obstacles. You have 3 lives in each turn. Once you hit any obstacles, you lose one life. This game tests your responsiveness and quickness.

If you don’t stay focused, you easily lose. On http://friv.land/, make sure you collect as many fish along the way as you can. This fish is the currency. You can use them to buy accessories and power-ups for your character. Besides buying, you also can collect these power-ups along the way including a magnet to collect all fish nearby, X2 to double your coins and invincible helps you go through the obstacles without getting damage. The usage of these items just lasts for a short time. Try to take advantage of them to get the best result. Have fun! You can add some great games to your favorite list with Castle Light and One Hand Cowboy.

Controls: Use left/right arrow keys to turn left/right, up arrow key to jump over and down arrow key to slide.

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