Snakefalls GamePlay:

Snakefall is an amazing puzzle game at online friv Games that tests your problem-solving skills in 24 challenging stages. Each stage requires you to lead a unique creature that has a bird head and a snake body to the rainbow hole. However, to enable this hole and go through it, our lovely creature needs to eat fruit. Besides, eating fruit helps this bird-snake creature grow longer. A long body makes it easier to climb to higher places. This creature can’t freely move around.

To avoid falling and breaking apart, one part of this creature's body must touch the ground. It means this creature needs a fulcrum to climb to high places. You should observe the environment before making a move because there are some corners where the creature can’t turn back once it gets into it. You can turn on the grid for a better view of the entire environment and easier to choose the direction to move.

Like many puzzle games out there and at https://friv.land/, the puzzles become harder to solve as you level up. Later on, your creature will deal with more obstacles. It’s much more challenging to find a safe path to slither and reach the final destination. However, you’re sure to succeed. The great thing about puzzle games is how you solve the puzzle, isn’t it? When looking at the game’s name, many players think that it has the same gameplay as Slither.io.

However, it turns out a puzzle game. It’s simple but engaging enough to keep you hooked. You probably won't be able to close the game if you haven't completed the 24 puzzles yet. Have a great time and don’t miss other games like Zombie Mission X and Go Baby shark Go.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move.

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