Desert Driving GamePlay:

Do you enjoy playing racing games? If you do, Desert Driving racing game from Friv online is the game which will test your ability to control the car even in the strange and unique terrain. You can win the game by using your incredible driving skills! In this game, you will try your best to control the car through the desert and try to conquer each and every level. You can choose from a wide range of vehicles such as a car, bike or truck.

Remember to pick your vehicle before joining the real game. On each level, the players will have to drive the car through the bumpy path while collecting as many gold coins as possible. The level ends when you manage to reach your destination. The hardest part of this game is to keep the car balance when you drive on the sand dunes. The length of the road varies depending on the levels and the higher the level, the longer the road.

Try your best to control the movement of the car so as to collect all the coins. These coins can be used later to buy the updates, boosters and unlock more fancy cars in the shop at frivland Only in this game will you be able to enjoy the bright and clear graphics, along with many challenging levels and special features. Let's call your friends and explore all the levels to achieve the highest record! More and more challenges are available with some games like Fastlane Road To Revenge Online & Devrim Racing at http://friv.land/

How to play: drive the car using the arrow keys.

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