Desert Survival GamePlay:

Do you want to challenge your survival skills? Come to friv com Games play and play Desert Survival, you will have an unforgettable survival experience. Here, you need to help a titan to stay alive as long as possible. This titan lives in a desert where is about to experience a meteorite shower. If that titan stays still, it loses its life. That’s why you are here to help it be safe from meteorites.

Maneuver the titan to avoid meteorites and collect as many diamonds as you can to fill the bar at the bottom of the screen. It’s titan’s HP bar. As soon as that bar isn’t empty, your titan is alive. When a meteorite is about to fall, you will see an alert sign on the screen. It shows exactly where a meteorite will fall and land. Look at this sign and you will know where the safe place is to maneuver your titan. You will see 2 titans moving from left to right and vice versa. One is yours and one belongs to the CPU.

Don’t care about CPU’s titan. It won’t harm you or take anything from you. Here, you just need to focus on your titan. Unlike other games at https://friv.land/ where your character will die after getting damaged a certain number of times, your titan won’t die if it’s crushed by several titans. Your titan dies only when the bar at the bottom runs out of HP. That’s why you not only have to avoid meteorites but also manage to get diamonds.

It’s a simple yet challenging game that you should try at least once. Let’s see how many scores you can earn. Have a great gaming experience and check out other awesome games such as Heroes Tales and Pet Land

How to play; Mouse or left/right arrow keys.

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