Fire And Water Island Survival 6 GamePlay:

Do you want to experience one game that has both puzzle and adventure gameplay? Then, at play game friv, we have Fire And Water Island Survival 6 for you. Do you know what? Fire and Water island is full of diamonds and our main characters want to go there and bring all diamonds home. However, they will face so many obstacles and enemies. They can’t reach their goal by themselves without your help. That’s why you are here.

Your main objective is to keep them safe and help them collect every single diamond on that island. So, this is a fun game for 2 players. Each player controls a character but you can play it alone and control 2 characters by yourself. Both of them don’t have to move at the same time. As long as all diamonds on that island are collected, you can move to the next level.

Here at https://friv.land/, it’s better to control each character one by one. By doing that, they can avoid all deadly obstacles and enemies easily. The game offers 20 levels in total and just like other level-based games out there, you will deal with a more challenging mission at later levels than the previous ones. Restarting a level several times is a very natural thing. Don’t give up if you fail. Each attempt will give you the experience to reach the final goal.

Remember that the color of each character also plays an important role. The red character will collect red diamonds and can pass the red water, and die because of blue water. The blue character will collect blue diamonds and can pass the blue water, and die because of red water. Be careful! Have fun and enjoy more games such as Bonny Boy Escape and Somnokid

How to play: WASD and arrow keys.

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