Dr Green Alien 2 GamePlay:

Dr Green Alien is back in the second installment of the series that has the same name. Welcome to Dr Green Alien 2 at friv Games online free in which you need to help a cute green alien pass every single saw blade safely. Play as the green alien, you start from the yellow area and you have to reach the green area to finish each level. The gameplay and control mechanism is simple.

You have to pass all the obstacles such as saw blades, gaps, and so on to run towards to final destination. On the way, you collect the barrels to gain more points. The key point is to jump accurately because the main action that you make here is to jump. With only one life and there is no extra life, you have to make sure that each jump you make is successful. If you fall or touch the saw blade, you are dead.

There are tons of adventure games at https://friv.land/ and each choice has its own unique features that keep them stand out among many options. And this game will keep you hooked because of its gameplay and graphics. Not as colorful as many other games, this game is designed in a minimalist style but it possesses something very special that makes you unable to take your eyes off. You can’t leave the game until you finish the final level. You can’t what kinds of obstacles waiting for you ahead.

Something surprising awaits you at the later level. Open and conquer each level. Have fun and enjoy more games on our site such as Swing Robber and Super Cute Cat.

Controls: WASD.

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