Swing Robber GamePlay:

Who is the greatest robber in the world? Surprise! It’s you. This time, you decided to rob the biggest bank in the city. You will break into the bank from the rooftop. Swing your way through the buildings to reach your final goal in Swing Robber at Friv games. The skill required for this game is the ability to calculate. You have to calculate to use the rope that has the length to fit the gap between two buildings.

Only then can you swing from roof to roof without falling down. If the rope length does not fit the distance between the buildings, you will fall. If the rope is too short or too long, it doesn’t work. Each time you swing, you will see the next building that you have to move to. You will need to estimate the distance between the two buildings. After that, you just need to tap or touch and you will move back until you tap or touch one again. When you stop, the length of the rope is determined and you start swinging to the next stop.

Like other physics-based games at https://friv.land/, everything depends on you. The game doesn’t offer you any items to help you estimate the distance between the two buildings more accurately. You have to do this task with your eyes, your observation skills. As you play and advance, your ability to estimate the distance between the two buildings by your eyes will become more accurate.

Be careful before each swing because a tiny mistake can bring you back to the starting point. You are the greatest robber in the robber world; therefore, you have to show that you deserve that title. Have fun here and in other games such as Super Cute Cat and House of Hazards.

How to play: Click or touch.

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